JPMorgan bond chief Bob Michele sees worrying echoes of 2008 in market calm

Economic crosscurrents have divided the investing world into roughly two camps: Those who see a soft landing and those who envision something far worse.

Here's what's hot — and what's not — in fintech right now

What's hot in fintech right now? And what's not? CNBC spoke to some of the top industry insiders at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam. Here's what they had to say.

China can't rely on Southeast Asian exports to offset a U.S. slowdown

China's exports to the U.S. and Southeast Asian countries fell sharply in May.

Americans owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt—here's the breakdown by age

Americans are racking up credit card debt amid rising interest rates and elevated prices. Here's how much debt each generation carries, per TransUnion.

Not a question of money: Soccer legend Lionel Messi chooses Inter Miami in blow to Saudi Arabia

"If it had been a question of money, I would have gone to [Saudi] Arabia or elsewhere where they offered me a lot of money," Messi said.

Tech leaders are calling for an A.I. pause because they have no product ready, Palantir CEO says

Palantir CEO Alex Karp said that to pause research and study A.I. will only give the lead to adversaries.

How Samsung became the world’s No. 2 advanced chipmaker and set the stage for a U.S. manufacturing boom

CNBC got an exclusive look inside Samsung's U.S. chip business as it doubles down on manufacturing in an effort to catch market leader TSMC

$5.2 billion in cargo stuck off West Coast ports in truck and container bottleneck

The West Coast port labor union battle has held up over $5 billion in ocean cargo and led to a pileup of trucks, railroads and containers.

Train review: What it’s like to ride the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Paying $2,000 for a hotel room is pricey, but an overnight ride on the historic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express trains costs about as much — per square meter.

Trump indicted on seven criminal charges in classified documents case

Trump, who is seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, is the only U.S. president, former or otherwise, ever to be criminally charged.

Crypto tokens plunged this week after Gensler stepped up SEC crackdown

Several of the most valuable cryptocurrencies dropped more than 15% this week after the SEC filed lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance.

Tesla on track to match its longest winning streak on heels of GM charging deal

The streak follows Tesla's announcement Thursday that General Motors would join Ford in using its electric vehicle charging network to charge their cars.

HSBC pulls some UK mortgage deals as fears of rising rates hits home buyers once more

Analysts expect mortgage rates to soar and housing prices to plummet in the U.K., as the effect of higher interest rates ripples through the British housing market.

Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Braze, Adobe and more

These are the stocks posting the largest moves in midday trading.

UBS and the Swiss government sign loss protection agreement over Credit Suisse takeover

UBS and the Swiss government announced Friday that they had signed a loss protection agreement which will come into effect once the takeover of Credit Suisse is completed.

Epstein accuser seeks new testimony from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase is being sued by a victim of Jeffrey Epstein for allegedly facilitating sex trafficking of young women. CEO Jamie Dimon denies any wrongdoing.

Prince Harry took to the witness stand in UK court this week: Here’s what’s going on

Prince Harry became the first high-ranking British royal to take to the witness stand in more than 130 years this week.

'Fight has only just begun': Climate activist Greta Thunberg holds her final school strike

Greta Thunberg on Friday took part in her last school strike, signing off after 251 weeks of demonstrations with a warning that "the fight has only just begun."

GE nears deal with India's Hindustan Aeronautics to co-manufacture fighter jet engines

The deal is expected to be signed either before or during a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Washington, D.C., later this month.

Ukraine's dam disaster is 'unlikely' to derail its plans for a counteroffensive against Russia

The Nova Kakhovka dam breach comes amid months of buildup to Ukraine's counteroffensive, a phase of the war that many see as potentially pivotal.

Nearly half of people under 40 are hoping to retire before they're 60 years old, according to the World Economic Forum

This is a "significant disconnect" between people's retirement aims, and what is likely to happen in reality, according to the World Economic Forum.

Turkey's Erdogan appoints a former Goldman executive as its new central bank chief

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has appointed U.S. finance executive Hafize Gaye Erkan as the country's new central bank governor.

China's producer prices plunge the most in seven years as deflation hangs over economy

Deflation seen in China's producer prices are in contrast to the high levels of inflation that global central banks have been fighting to bring down for more than a year.

Banks are cutting off Binance's access to U.S. banking system, exchange says

Binance's banking partners will "pause" Binance.US' access to US dollar deposits as soon as next week, after the SEC filed charges against the exchange.

India predicted to outshine China as Asia remains a bright spot for global growth

In its latest global economic outlook report, the OECD predicted India, China and Indonesia would top gross domestic product projections for 2023 and 2024.

Biden and UK's Sunak sign 'Atlantic Declaration,' pledging agreements on A.I. and critical minerals

Rishi Sunak, coming to the end of his U.S. trip this week, lauded the deal as a "new economic partnership for a new age."

Consumers are keeping the U.S. out of a recession. It's getting harder

Economic data and corporate guidance paint a confusing picture of the U.S. economy and whether consumers are beginning to strain.

El Niño is here and could bring warmer temperatures, more extreme weather patterns

A climate pattern called El Niño has been expected for months, and NOAA said Thursday it has arrived. It is expected to strengthen into the winter in the U.S.

GM to use Tesla charging network, joining Ford in leveraging the EV leader's tech

GM, like Ford, will begin installing a charging port used by Tesla, known as NACS, instead of the current industry-standard CCS in its EVs starting in 2025.

Goldman Sachs expected the Turkish lira to plunge over 3 months. It happened in just 3 days

The Turkish lira has extended its post-election freefall this week.